All this can be yours.

“Hello, ladies.”
Stop that.
“What? Just chatting with the ladies. And don’t you all look fine today.”
Iggy, you’re fixed.
“What does that mean?”
Well… how do I put this —
“No matter. We can discuss it later. So, ladies, you know what they say about dogs with big ears–”
Oh, Christ. DOWN, boy.


The fidelity of dogs.

“Hi. I love you a lot.”

Aww, I love you too, Iggy!

“And I love Brian a lot.”

Well, Brian loves you a lot too.

“Did you meet the new next-door neighbors yet?”

I did.

“I love them a lot.”

Okay —

“And the guy that delivered the pizza on Friday night. I love him a lot.”

Yes, Iggy, I get it —

“And the UPS guy that stops here sometimes, I love him a lot, and there was this kid outside before, I saw him through the window, I love him a lot, and that woman that time at the dog park who filled the water bowl, I love her a lot, and there’s this other guy I heard of once…”

I feel special now.

Well, at least he’s happy.

Iggy, you’re awfully calm. Mind if I take your picture?


That’s perfect! What an adorable expression! Hold it for just a second long–
“CAN I SHOVE MY NOSE IN THE LENS?! YAY! Oh, look, a cat! I’m gonna go lick his back! No, it’s okay, he’ll like it this time! HEY CAT, LEMME LICK YOUR BACK!!

It’s going well with him.