Reclaiming the blog.

Whatever So Many Feebs was supposed to be (still not sure), it’s turned into All Iggy All The Time. And hey, I love the little bastard, but he jumps on the furniture whenever he wants, he chases the cats when they’re minding their own business, and he hogs the bed — he’s not taking over the blog too. Because there have to be some ground rules somewhere.

So, just like getting him to put down a shoe by offering him a squeaky toy instead, I’m reclaiming this blog by offering up a whole other blog, dedicated entirely to Iggy and his issues:

The Iggy Dialogues.

That’ll learn ‘im.


Okay, NOW it’s a blog.

Okay, NOW it's a blog. It’s not a blog until there’s a cat picture.  So here’s Elwood getting all up in your face.

(Phoebe’s asleep because she can’t be bothered.  You’re on your own.)