feeb [feeb]
noun Slang: Disparaging and Offensive.
a feeble-minded person.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! Where did you pop up from? I’m on the same wave length as you but I win… No one is following me. Haha…

    • Thanks for stopping by — I’m glad you liked it.

      Regarding followers, give it time. The first time people started following me, my first question was the same one you just asked — “Where did you pop up from?”

      No idea how people find us, but they do.


  2. *CONGRATS* on being *FRESHLY PRESSED*!! Which is how I came across your Blog 🙂 I’m in Recovery from 1st, a few to many cocktails, got that squared away, but then got Addicted to Compulsive Addicted Gambling, which have 6+yrs in recovery, but I know to well I’m only One Drink or One Bet away from Destruction!! I’m a fan, and will be back often! God Bless, Author, Catherine Lyon

    • Thanks so much — I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      When I was quitting cigarettes, I wondered (and I still wonder) how people in recovery from alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. manage to do it. Given the physical and psychological aspects of addiction, it seems to me like you’re fighting like hell against your own body and mind — I really admire the strength and courage it takes, first to even decide to do it, and then to continue that fight.

      Thanks again for reading. 🙂

      • yes, you are right….when you enter recovery, for me, it is Daily walk of endurance, but once you 1st come to a point of surrender, and 2nd learn there IS a better way of Life, and that we are Worth it, you learn to accept the fact that what ever the addiction is…..has you licked, your heart and mind, your flaws and character defects need to be adjusted, and worked on. therapy, treatment, or 12-step program should be worked to understand the disease, the cycle, and how to avoid Relapse.

        In Gamblers Anonymous, it says in our book that Gambling Addiction, or any addiction, “can not be Cured, but can be arrested”….that’s the challenge!
        |God Bless, Catherine 🙂 🙂

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