Life, and how to live it.

Hi, folks — Iggy here! Like going to PetSmart, but hate having to walk all around a huge store? Do what I do — shriek like a stabbed banshee at everything that moves, and send every other dog in the store into a mad barking frenzy! Your human will become so desperate to stop you, she’ll put you in the cart so she can quickly wheel you around and shove you in the opposite direction every time one of you sees another dog.

Ta daaa — a cart ride!

I’m Iggy, and that’s my Hyper Schnauzer Tip of the Day.


9 thoughts on “Life, and how to live it.

    • He’s surprisingly calm about wearing his harness, too. Steps right into it. I think he knows it means he’s going for a ride. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • And it means he’s getting in the cart? *grins* I used to show minis… I had a breeding girl he’s never allowed to meet. They’d take over. Everything. =)

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