I’m not quite dead.

Got an email today saying my “stop smoking” pep talk was going to be “Freshly Pressed,” which how the kind folks at WordPress feature a post that they like and think others will like as well. I’ve found some good reads from that feature myself, and I’m honored to have one of my posts included.

Trouble is, I’ve been kind of neglecting the blog for a little while — and now I can’t stop feeling like a bunch of friends have shown up to surprise me, only to find me wearing ratty old sweats with Dorito crumbs all over them and cleaning cat piss off the floor.

So hello to anyone who comes here because of the “Freshly Pressed” feature. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the Internet. If you like it here, feel free to stick around — I’ll be writing more in the future.

And sorry about the smell.

(Runs off to get Febreeze and a throw rug)


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