Plummeting property values? Try Meme Generator!

Making up funny captions for a Captain Picard picture won’t bring the value of my property back up, but it’s a nice distraction from the clucking.

To be fair, though, I realize that if you want to raise chickens on your property, there aren’t a whole lot of options available to you in the largely rural county where most of the land is zoned agricultural and there’s a ton of cheap real estate for sale within five minutes of here.



4 thoughts on “Plummeting property values? Try Meme Generator!

    • Or maybe they know full well, but want to be run over? Maybe the answer to “Why did the chicken cross the road” is “existential despair”?

      Or maybe I’m giving the little buggers too much credit? Yeah, it’s probably that.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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