Okay, NOW it’s a blog.

Okay, NOW it's a blog. It’s not a blog until there’s a cat picture.  So here’s Elwood getting all up in your face.

(Phoebe’s asleep because she can’t be bothered.  You’re on your own.)


4 thoughts on “Okay, NOW it’s a blog.

    • Thank you. See, this is what happens when you work second shift – your wife spends her evenings getting all self-absorbed on the Internet.

      Hey, it beats setting up a meth lab in the garage. (That’s right, you’ll have to get your meth elsewhere.) 😉

  1. My cat looks exactly like this!!! How did you get her to look at the camera so obediently? Mine just looks away as soon as she sees me pointing the camera at her face. 😦

    • It’s easy. Lay on the couch with a camera (or iPad in this case), and let the cat climb on you. Then take a million pictures, and hope one of them makes you look like you know what you’re doing.

      Post that picture, and pretend you’re a competent photographer.

      Ta da!

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