Oh, what a beautiful morning.

Nothing like waking up to a beautiful country morning in Springtime — my cat softly purring at the foot of the bed, the bluebirds chirping outside the window, and burly guys all over my roof pounding it like it owes them money.

Why do contractors only show up on time if you’re still sleeping when they’re scheduled to arrive? How do they know? WHAT FIENDISH ROOFER MAGIC BE THIS?!


2 thoughts on “Oh, what a beautiful morning.

    • And don’t mess with an electrician. I knew one who wasn’t pleased with the way a snobby homeowner treated him and his partner, so he charged her $500 for having the power temporarily shut off while he worked on the addition she was having built. (She had no idea it only took a phone call — but then, I don’t think she spent a lot of time around people who had to work for a living, so there was no way for her to find out, was there?)

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